Welcome to View Points!This wiki is designed to help students learn about different points of view. It is a place where connections can be made, discussions can take place, learning can occur. All it takes is a partner and some time.
What is Point of View?vanishing point

Point of View, or POV, is the idea that each individual comes at an experience with their own beliefs, ideas, and knowledge. This leads to different understandings of the same experience. An ant will see these skyscrapers very differently looking up than a person would see them looking from the top down. They are both seeing the same buildings but getting very different ideas about them.

This wiki project is going to help us see things from another POV. You and your partner class will read a book together or study a topic together, discussing two different viewpoints about the same idea. You will then create a project demonstrating your learning. Look at the resource page and project idea page to help you get started.

This wiki project was created by Lisa Parisi and Brian Crosby. You can contact them through this wiki for more information.