Project Ideas

Once you have a partner and a topic to cover, it is time to come up with an idea. Here are just a few to get you started.

  • Have students write a chapter by chapter or page by page account of the same event from two different points of view.
    • For example: Explorers coming to shore in America - Page 1 What the explorers see, Page 2 What the natives see
  • Create a video of a trial, with two different witnesses experiencing the same event. Write an interview from two different perspectives.
    • For example: After reading the same book, each class chooses a different character to explain the main events of the book.

  • Write persuasive letters to each other about your topic. Be convincing in your argument.
    • For example: Should the colonists go to war against England in the 1700s? One class says yes and one says no.
  • Write letters to the editor articles about a point of view.
    • For example: Which republican candidate should run for president and why? Each class chooses a different candidate.
  • Blog about perspectives.
    • For example: One class begins a blog about their views on which form of government is the best for a country. The next class responds to the blog with an opposing view and the debate begins.